Where are you located?

 On the Eastern edge of Kadavu Island, the largest island in Fiji’s Kadavu Group. Approximately 60km southeast of Suva, Viti Levu. 

What is Fiji Time?

 12 hours ahead of GMT. Daylight savings observed November through February (move ahead one hour). 

What is the population of Kadavu and Languages?

 Kadavu Island (approximately 411 sq. km.), population is approximately 11,000. Locals speak Fijian, English, and Hindi. 

What are the seasons in Fiji?


With a tropical climate, average temperatures in Fiji range from 25-27 degrees C (75-80 degrees F). Summer months, December through April, temperatures range from 22-33 degrees C. Winter months, May – November, temperatures range from 19-29 degrees C. Cyclone season generally runs from November through April every year. July through September are generally the driest months with the calmest weather. 

Are there medical facilities available?

We carry several complete first aid kits on-site, as well as on the boat. There is a village clinic with an assigned doctor and nurses located in Kavala Bay, a 15-minute boat ride away, and a larger clinic/hospital located in Vunisea, about 45-minutes away by boat. There are several fully-equipped hospitals and treatment centers located on Viti Levu.

Is shopping available?

 There is a lot of shopping that can be done on the main island of Viti Levu, either in Nadi or Suva. However, once on Kadavu, the options are very limited. There are several small home shops located in surrounding villages, carrying only the essentials of everyday living (sugar, flour, salt, tin meats, etc.) and a larger shop located in Vunivaivai, about 20 minutes boat ride away, with a larger selection of food items, snacks, non-alcoholic drinks, and everyday essentials (toiletries, etc.).  

Are there any restaurants nearby?

 There are no take-away or sit-down dining options in the area. All meals, snacks and beverages are provided by the resort. 

Are phone and internet available?

 Yes, we do offer free wi-fi to our guests. Phone and internet networks are provided through Digicel Fiji. Vodafone network is available at certain locations in the nearby area, as well. Cellular network only, no land lines. 

What other activities do you offer, if any?

Local guided hiking, nature trails, unguided kayaking and snorkeling, and beach picnics. There are several other tour operators located on Kadavu and tours can be arranged directly with the operators upon request (hiking, kayaking/canoeing, SCUBA).  

Are there power and water restrictions?


1. DNC is powered by a 240V solar power system, with a backup generator available when needed. Water is provided through rain catchment system and local water source (freshwater spring stream). While we try not to restrict guest use of either resource, we do ask everyone to be as conservative as possible with both the power and the water. Both the rain water and stream water are generally safe to drink, but we do offer filtered water at all times and bottled water upon request.

Where can I purchase alcohol?


1. DNC does not provide or sell alcoholic beverages for guests. You are welcome to purchase any alcoholic drinks at Duty Free when you enter Fiji, or if you have time between flights, you may be able to go into town in Nadi before boarding your flight to Kadavu, and purchase drinks at a local bottle shop. Please contact us for further information regarding alcoholic beverages.

Should I bring my own fishing and/or diving gear?

 While DNC does carry a large, varied selection of sportfishing gear and tackle, we invite all guests to bring any specialty gear or tackle they may want to use. For divers, we request that you bring your own wetsuits, weight belts (we do have extra weights on-site to help with keeping baggage weights down when travelling), spearguns and tackle, dive masks, snorkels and fins. Just keep in mind any airline baggage restrictions when packing…overweight and additional baggage fees add up quickly! 

What do I need to know about travel to and around Fiji?

What is the local currency and exchange rate?

Fijian Dollar is the local currency.  Visit any of the following links for current exchange rates: 

1. https://www.xe.com/currencyconverter

2. https://www.oanda.com/currency/converter  

Money can be exchanged at Nadi International Airport upon arrival.  All local shops and vendors on Kadavu are CASH only businesses.