Dua Na Cegu
Freedive Fish Fiji

Fishing is not a sport - it’s a way of life  



“When  all the routines and details and human bores get on our nerves, we just  yearn to go away from here to somewhere else.  To go fishing is a  sound, a valid, and an accepted reason for an escape.  It requires no  explanation."

-Herbert Hoover



 Dua Na Cegu Freedive Fish Fiji was born from the love of all things  fishing and Fiji and the desire to be able to share those passions with  like-minded anglers, freedivers, and adventurers.  The opportunity to  turn strangers from all corners of the world into friends in an  environment that caters to our common, uniting bond - the love of the  bite, the scream of a reel, the rush of the fight, and the strange  cocktail of adrenaline, relief, pride, and humility that come with  landing "the one". 


 Surrounded by the vast Pacific Ocean and sitting within one of the  largest barrier reef systems in the world, reachable only by sea or on  foot, Dua Na Cegu Freedive Fish Fiji is every angler's ideal playground  and a freediver's blue-hued dream. 

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Dua Na Cegu Freedive Fish Fiji

Waisalima, Kadavu, Fiji

Office/Main: +679 720 7703 Mobile: +679 766 1108 Email: duanacegu@gmail.com



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